Tips for a Positive Distance Learning Experience

If you are new to the distance learning scene, you will quickly find out that there are a number of factors that you must consider to ensure that your educational journey is a pleasant one. This is really no different than starting your education in a traditional “brick and mortar” college or university, except you are taking your classes online.With a little common sense and some research, most students can find a school that is a good fit for their own study habits and lifestyle. This is a key factor to consider because you will be expected to manage your studies, work schedule, and home life in a way that will allow you to accomplish your education goals. This will be much easier if you select a school with a curriculum and study schedule that complements your lifestyle.To help you get off on the ‘right’ foot with your online education, we thought the following tips would help you sidestep a few of the most common online student issues:Finding the Right SchoolProbably the most daunting task the online student faces is selecting the right school. Avoid schools that have a reputation for being diploma mills. The degrees issued by these schools are generally worthless while potential employers are often well aware of the names of these questionable educational institutions. Luckily, these schools are the exception.There are many credible colleges and universities that can provide you with a top-of-the-line education at reasonable tuition costs. Your first course of action in the selection of an online college or university is to request a school catalogue and review their programs, online courses, and student support activities. Of course, an extremely important step you MUST take is to verify that your prospective school is accredited and that your online courses also have the appropriate accreditation.Keeping Your Online Education Costs Under ControlThere is no way to avoid this fact of life – education can be pricy. But it doesn’t have to send you into bankruptcy either. Ask your prospective college if they have any programs, including student loans, to assist with educational costs.And certainly don’t rule out scholarships and grants just because you are enrolling in online courses. There is a surprising amount of funding available for online education, and you don’t need to have a 4.0 grade point to be eligible. Receiving a scholarship or grant is an ideal way to dramatically reduce your education costs, but it will take some work to find all these funds.Don’t Forget to Transfer All of Your CreditsIn many cases, you will not have to start from scratch if you have earned credits at other schools. Be sure to send your transcripts from your previous school to your online college and request that your counselor review your records. Even if course equivalencies are not granted initially, you may be able to petition to receive credits anyways. Just state your case as clearly and logically as possible and leave the emotional aspects out.There are a few schools that will grant life experience credits based on testing or a review of your portfolio. This may be a long shot, but a question that should be asked of your counselor. You may get a pleasant surprise!We hope that these tips will help you on your way to a successful distance learning experience. Remember – doing a little research up front can save you a world of grief somewhere down the road. Don’t contemplate it – just do it!

How To Develop Self Confidence – 5 Enlightening And Educative Tips You Should Know

One of the most helpful tips is choosing the right friends. This is because the people surrounding someone play an important role in determining how good one feels about himself or herself. Getting friends who are always saying negative things about you can significantly lower your self confidence. This is because these negative comments will ultimately get into your mind and you will feel as if the other people are better then you. But if you surround yourself with friends who are always saying encouraging things you can effectively regain your self confidence. To know the right friends you just need to establish the friends you feel happy whenever you are together.Another helpful tip on how to develop self confidence is to always dress appropriately. This is mainly because most people judge others according to the way they are dressed. Majority of people with self confidence issues usually dress in a way that they will not be outstanding when amongst other people. This is because they do not want to be the center of attention because they do not have the necessary confidence. But dressing properly will significantly boost your confidence because you will feel as if you are equal or even better then the other people. This is especially when attending a function with a certain dress code. You do not hoe to dress in an exaggerated manner. Instead you just need to choose the clothes that send the message that you believe in yourself.Being healthy is also an important tip when it comes to developing self confidence. This is because besides looking good one also gets improved mental strength. Some people with self confidence issues usually neglect their health where they spend most of their time indoors eating unhealthy foods. As a result, such people become overweight and this has a negative effect on their self confidence. Some of the helpful things one should do to be healthy include eating balance diet and exercising regularly. This will give you a good looking body and all your organs including the brain will be functioning efficiently therefore making you feel good about yourself.It is also helpful to practice being around people so as to develop self confidence. As noted some of the people with self confidence issues tend to avoid places where they will be meeting other people since they feel the other people are better than them. To eliminate this feeling it is advisable to try and spend time amongst other people. This does not have to be amongst strangers or huge crowds of people. Instead you can just spend time amongst friends or attend fun activities where people interact freely. When you interact with people you will come to know that they also have their weaknesses and they are not as perfect as you had initially thought. You can start by interacting with a few people and this will give you the necessary confidence to interact even with huge crowds of people.Doing what you are good in is also a helpful tip on how to develop self confidence. This is because many people lose their confidence when they try and fail things which they are not good in. This is especially when certain activities seems to be popular than others and therefore you try doing them. In such situations, losing or not being the best lowers the self confidence significantly. However, if you do what you are good in you are more likely to be better than the other people and this will significantly boost your self confidence. All what you need is to establish what you are good in even if it is not that popular amongst other people. Therefore, you can effectively regain your self confidence through implementing the outlined tips on how to develop self confidence.Glad to have you reading my article and I hope it has provided some insight on how to develop self Confidence.